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Daycare, boarding, grooming, and training for dogs in Lexington, KY

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*** The boarding and grooming services are offered to our daycare dogs only. ***

*** New dogs must be enrolled at least one month with a minimum of 8 daycare visits prior to boarding. ***

Boarding at Dogtown means your dog won’t be locked in a kennel all day. Daycare during the day makes for a good night’s sleep! Pricing includes playtime. Pricing includes 6% sales tax.

  • Morning drop-off thru Morning pick-up

    $50 (daycare $26 + overnight $24)

  • Morning drop-off thru next Evening pick-up

    $76 (boarding $50 + daycare $26)

Weekday drop-off hours are 6:30-9am or noon-1p. Weekday pick-up hours are 6:30-9am or 4-6pm.
Weekend and holiday hours are 9-11am and 5-7pm.
Drop-off during these hours does not interrupt playtime and is safest for the dogs. If your schedule will not allow for these times, please call to arrange a special drop-off time.

We offer multi dog discounts.

IMPORTANT!!! We ask that you provide your own food as to not upset your dog’s stomach. You are welcome to bring ONE bed/blanket, ONE toy, and treats. We do not accept raw hides, stuffed toys, or anything that might be a choking hazard. Please label all belongings and include feeding directions or special instructions such as medication needs. Please make sure food is in an air-tight container!